Welcome to a marionette lodging

Welcome to a marionette lodging!
Guidance of the lodging

The marionette is built in Shinshu among the nature of Hakuba.
Since it is the optimum environment for outdoor sports, trekking, and skiing, etc., families, groups, and even individuals can enjoy it very much.

Lodging outlines
Check-in: by 15:00
Checkout: by 10:00
Hall Facilities: Vending machines, and a terrace
Guest Rooms: 7 guest rooms (for a total of 37 persons accommodation)
Room accommodation: Television, Refrigerator, and Telephone
Amenities: Shampoo, Rinse, and Slippers
Food in take: OK
Pick-up and Send-off: OK (advance notice is required)

Food Guidance

We serve courses of European home cooking using the fresh material of local Shinshu in the marionette. Hot and cold things are served while in good taste. Foods are served fresh just after cooking. Please enjoy the perfect volume of double main dishes of fish and meat. Moreover, we also have the plan to choose from the main meat dishes from beef, pork, or chicken.

Dinner time : From 18:00 -
Dining Place : Dining room

料理イメージ 料理イメージ 料理イメージ
Guest Rooms Guidance

In the marionette, we have a total of seven rooms, most popular 6 maisonette rooms and 1 room with four beds and a balcony.

A maisonette room is 2 floors loft structure room with air space on both sides. It is popular with the visitors of a group or a family. Moreover, the room with 4 beds is a bright room with fresh air of the morning sun of Hakuba. Morning is greeted with fresh feelings.

部屋イメージ 部屋イメージ 部屋イメージ
Access Guidance

■ In the case of cars
Nagano Expressway
Toyoshina I.C→R147→R148→ Hakuba
◆ From Tokyo About 4 hours
◆ From Nagoya About 3.5 hours
◆ From Osaka About 5.5 hours

Joshin-etsu Expressway
Nagano I.C→R19→
Olympic Games road → Hakuba
◆ From Tokyo About 4 hours

Hokuriku National Expressway
Itoigawa I.C→R148→ Hakuba
◆ From Osaka About 6.5 hours
◆ From Kanazawa About 3 hours

■ In the case of a train
From Tokyo
◆ Chuo Line (special express). About less than 4 hours
* Hokuriku Shinkansen and a bus can also be used.
* Also direct train and a seasonal train available, please investigate.

From Nagoya
◆ Chuo Line (special express) About 3.5 hours
* Also direct train and a seasonal train available, please investigate.

From Shin-Osaka
◆ Chuo Line (special express) About 4.5 hours
* Also direct train and a seasonal train available, please investigate.

■ In the case of by Airplane
Use Matsumoto airport
◆ From Sapporo About 1.5 hours
◆ From Sendai About 1 hour
◆ From Fukuoka About 1.5 hours
◆ From Hiroshima About 1 hour
◆ From Osaka About 1 hour
* Visitors from Osaka, please use Itami airport..
Skiing area links

Hakuba 47 skiing-area
Hakuba Iwatake skiing area

Since there are many taverns, restaurants, noodles shops, roast meat places, sushi shops, wine bars, convenience stores, and rental shops around marionette, it is very convenient also for a lengthier stay.

marionette lodging
3020-645 hakuba-mura kitaazumi-gun nagano JAPAN
TEL:0261-72-4848 FAX:0261-72-4398